Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting us. We love to read - to ourselves, our friends and our family.

We especially enjoy reading Bible stories and kids' prayers. And we thought these books would be more fun for kids - if kids read to other kids. So we picked out some favorite kids books. We recorded our readings. And we are now making our recordings free for anyone here online - anytime, anywhere.

We hope kids and parents alike will enjoy listening to our bite sized messages. Please email and let us know any other suggestions.

And finally, if you like to see us to produce more of these kidz2kidz stories, please donate to our cause. You can buy books from the authors we read. You can also buy our DVDs to cover our cost of recording, uploading, burning, packing and sending our DVDs.

Thanks for listening - and passing the good word. God bless!

welcome to NOAH & LAUREN’S site!

Name: brother noah & sister lauren

Age: 10 & 8

Location: california

Occupation: kidz

favorite hero: jesus, mom, dad, pokemon; luke & leah.

Favorite anti-hero: darth vader, spiders

youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/kidz2kidz

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